Lemon and egg white hair mask

27 Apr

Lemon and egg white hair mask-aimed at dandruff and itchy scalp

Dandruff always make us unpleasant and embarrassed, but use powerful shampoo frequent wash your hair will stimulate your scalp, even make dandruff worse fall off. So, do you know the natural method treatment of dandruff? Today I will introduce one nature method to cure greasy hair, Lemon and egg white hair mask. Lemon can remove the flavor in your greasy hair, it can help reduce excess oil and dirt in your scalp, Regularize oil secretion, and strengthen hair nutrition. Therefore it is aimed at dandruff and itchy scalp, this method is very simple. If you have greasy hair, if you have dandruff and itchy scalp, you can try to this easy and simple method. Just three steps

You need to prepare: half lemon, four tablespoons of plain flour. Two egg white.

Use folk squeeze the lemon; drop the lemon juice into the egg white, blend it well (mixture 1), Take four tablespoons of plain flour into mixture 1 and mix well.

 How to use this hair mask:

Apply the Lemon and egg white hair mask with your fingertips, working it from end of hair to hair root. Massage it to your hair, massage in your scalp.

Cover your hair with clear plastic wrap; let it stay for 20 minutes

Rinse it off with warm water



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