Japanese style plait hair

11 Apr

Japanese style plait hair

Hello my dear friends, Today, I am going to introduce Japanese style plait hair.  This hairstyle looks complex, but actually making it is very simple, this hairstyle is popular among Asia people. If you are interested in this Japanese style plait hair, you can try it.

Making process:

Step 1: Section hair in two halfs. half 1 being from top of head to ears, and section 2 being from ears to nape of neck. Put section 1 into a pony tail and leave section 2 down.

Step 2: Using Section 1 loosly twist the pony tail

Step3: Using section 1 after loosly twisting the pony tail wrap it back on its self to create a twisted bun and grip into place.

Step 4: Using section 2 starting from right ear, then divide hair into 3 section. and create a diogonol plait.

Step 5: once hair is plaite wrap around the bun and grip into place.

Step6: once section 2 is plaited and gripped into place finsh with a flower placed wherever you want  to.

So, you can choose different flower to match your hairstyle according to different situation , such as the left one,  the white rose , it is suitable for attending wedding.  If you chose the purple flower to match your hairstyle, it is suitable for going on holiday and shopping because it is a casual style. Look at the right picture; if you chose this deep blue color bow to match your hairstyle, it is suitable for taking part in some grand parties. Different decorations will make your hair have different effects. Come on, try to find your favorite hairstyle and try to do it!


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